1. Software Development (Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications)

We design and build different kinds of custom software in Malawi based on solid software engineering principles to improve business productivity. Check out some of our products from the menu. Our solutions are based on open source technologies because we believe that the future of computing is in open source technologies.

2. Software engineering functions

We also perform various software engineering functions, on behalf of our clients, such as requirements engineering, software testing, software process modelling, etc.

3. Server installation and support

 We install and offer support on both Linux and Windows servers. We also install storage servers from different reputable suppliers. 

4. Database installation and support

We install and provide 24/7 support on various database systems such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQl, etc

5. IT Support

Outsource your IT support services to us so that your business concentrates on its core functions.

6.  IT Project Monitoring

Many IT projects need to be independently monitored as they are being implemented by contractors. Let us do the monitoring for you, as we are professionals, so that the project is delivered according to specification and budget.

7. Training

B4C Software also offers tailored trainings in various software and networking technologies.