B4C Matter Management & Legal Audit software

B4C Matter Management & Legal Audit software is another flagship product from B4C Software.  Our aim in developing this software is to improve the productivity of law firms in Malawi and beyond through an automated matter management and legal audit system.

Running a busy legal firm can be overwhelming - piling court matters, the risk of missing court appointments, ever looming matter report deadlines, clients demanding reports on the status of their matters, the need to assess objectively the performance of legal team members, etc. And for some, the challenge of running a legal firm with branches in different cities. All these challenges can now be addressed through our robust legal firm automation solution - B4C Matter Management & Legal Audit software. With an easy to use interface and accessible via the desktop, mobile phone and tablet, it is surely "the office everywhere". The software is developed in Malawi and currently in use by some leading legal firms in Malawi.

Call us for a demo or quote at +265 991 451 553 / +265 884 188 893  or email sales@b4csoftware.com